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Exceptional Massage & Facials on Martha's Vineyard

While on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating massage or Japanese Facial. Visit Cynthia da Silva and the only place in New England offering KOBIDO Japanese Facial treatments, Aazora Face & Body Sanctuary, in the heart of downtown Vineyard Haven, just one block from the Martha’s Vineyard ferry terminal. Open year round, gift certificates always available.

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Total Body Massage 60 Min $80
  75 Min $95
  90 Min $110
Our signature massage melts away stress, eliminates muscle tension, improves circulation and brings an overall feeling of blissful relaxation. Indulge and restore your body and mind.

Based on Swedish style, but may incorporate deep tissue and/or other techniques to suit each client’s individual needs and target any specific health issues.

Aroma Therapy Total Body Massage 60 Min $85
  75 Min $100
  90 Min $115
Elevate your massage experience to new heights by adding one of our special blends of
pure, organic essential oils. Designed for your specific needs, whether it be to soothe tired
or aching muscles, elevate your energy or spirit, or to simply bring balance back to your life.
Choose one of the blissful blends listed below or let us customize a blend just for you.
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 35 Min $65
With AromaTherapy $70
Revive your body and spirit as we target those areas of the body where most of us hold our stress and tension. This treatment will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.
Deep Tissue Massage 60 Min $100
  70 Min $115
  90 Min $130
With AromaTherapy Add $5

Combination Specials

Sanctuary Special 85 Min $145
With AromaTherapy $150
Includes: ‘Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage’, followed by ‘KOBIDO Rejuvenation Facial’.  

De-stress, rejuvenate and beautify while you pamper your face, body and spirit with this unmatched, relaxation experience. Our stress-relieving back, neck & shoulder massage, followed by our exclusive Japanese Facial Treatment.

Ultimate Indulgence 120 Min $160
With AromaTherapy $165
TotalBody Massage’, followed by our exclusive ‘KOBIDO Rejuvenation Facial’.  

This is the ultimate in luxury and relaxation! A full two hours of blissful pampering. Indulge your body and beautify your skin while we revitalize your whole being. All your stress will melt away, and you will leave feeling radiant, rejuvenated and wonderful!


KOBIDO Rejuvenation Facial 60 Min $95
Series of 4, prepaid treatments $350
Unlike any other facial! This treatment is designed to actually improve the appearance and condition of your face, as well as reduce and prevent lines and wrinkles.

Traditional Japanese massage techniques gently stimulate to increase circulation and assist cell regeneration, while lifting, firming and toning the face.

Our specialized techniques are incorporated with cleansing exfoliating, masque and moisturizing. We always use the the highest quality, botanically-based products, EMINENCE Organic Skin Care of Hungary.

The result of KOBIDO Japanese Facial Massage is a healthier, radiant and younger-looking face.

Shiatsu Face-Lift 80 Min $125
Series of 4, prepaid treatments $470

The ultimate facial experience! This treatment begins with the full, one hour KOBIDO Rejuvenation Facial (as listed above) and adds the amazing Shiatsu stage for maximum results.

By treating shiatsu points of the face we not only help the condition and appearance of your skin, but also benefit your entire being.

With a series of sessions this non-invasive treatment works as a natural face-lift, without the use of needles as in acupuncture, and without the costs and side effects of a surgical procedure.

About KOBIDO Japanese Facial Treatments:

KOBIDO is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced, and exclusively offered by Cynthia da Silva, owner of Aazora Face & Body Sanctuary.

All of our Japanese facial treatments offer a unique blend of traditional, Japanese techniques, along with the finest organic skin care products. Rejuvenating, yet blissfully relaxing, the experience is truly amazing!

All facial treatments are non-invasive. Relying solely on Japanese facial massage techniques, we never use machines or tools that can disturb and damage the delicate tissues of the face. While other facials leave your skin red and irritated, our facial treatments are gentle and kind to your skin, even perfect just before a special event or a night out. You will leave looking and feeling radiant and rejuvenated, glowing inside and out!

Cynthia is among the few in the world who have studied directly with Shogo Mochizuki to learn these traditional techniques. From 2000 - 2002, Cynthia da Silva worked and studied directly with Dr. Mochizuki, who was one of only three selected KOBIDO instructors in Japan, and in 2005, was appointed the 26th Master of KOBIDO by the previous Master of 50 years.

To learn more about KOBIDO, please visit our ‘ABOUT’ page

Aroma Therapy

For treatments with AromaTherapy, we use the finest pure essential oils.
Choose one of the soothing blends listed below, or request us to customize to your specific taste or needs.

Calm & Relaxed: Clary Sage, Lavender, Vetiver
Recommended for: Stressed Body or Mind, Anxiety, Sleep Issues
Energizer: Basil, Bergamot, Mandarin
Recommended for: Low Energy, Low Mood, Fatigue, Anxiety
Mood Elevator: Grapefruit, Lemon, Rosemary
Recommended for: Sadness or Worry, Nervous Conditions, Headaches, Anxiety
Muscle Reliever: Lavender, Rosemary, Sweet Marjoram
Recommended for: Achy or Tired Muscles, Muscular Tension or Injury, Joints, Bones, Circulation
Rebalance: Geranium, Neroli, Sweet Marjoram
Recommended for: Women’s Issues, Hormonal Imbalances, Nervous Tension
Recovery: Ginger, Lemon, Lime
Recommended for: Travel - Before, During or After, Motion Sickness, Digestive Issues, Morning Sickness, Alcohol or Addictive Issues


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